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Affordable Diabetic Shoes & Orthopedic Braces in Oxnard, CA

Find every product to meet your needs at Stan's Drugs in Oxnard, California. From diabetic shoes to orthopedic braces, we offer a wide range of supplies to fit every budget and taste. Call us today to find out more about our custom sundries and current promotions.

Diabetic Essentials

If you are living with diabetes, our specialty shop is your source for one of the largest selection of care products in the country. Our goal is to make living with diabetes easier by providing you with information, products, and customized support to manage your condition. Stop in and ask our knowledgeable staff about the perfect product or medication for you.
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Diabetic Shoes

Some of the most common issues related to diabetes are circulation problems and nerve damage, as well as other symptoms that affect the feet. Specialty shoes for diabetic patients are made of protective inserts and softer materials to accommodate numb feet, poor circulation, and foot deformities.

These shoes also decrease the chance of foot sores, which can be caused by friction and pressure. Foot sores can lead to infection, gangrene, or even amputation. Call us today to schedule a shoe fitting.

Durable Medical Equipment

Proper healthcare at home starts with the right medical equipment products. At Stan's, we feature a wide range of tools for our customers.

Products include:

  • Home Equipment & Supplies
  • Ambulatory Aid
  • Bathroom Safety Aids
  • Incontinence and Urinary Products
  • Ulcer Care & Prevention Products
  • Self-Diagnostic Equipment
  • Supports & Braces

Pet Medications

Keep your furry friend happy and healthy our line of FDA approved pet medications. We carry the same medicines your vet offers for up to 50% off the regular price.

Health Care Products

Improve your quality of life when you purchase one of our home healthcare products. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will speak with you to meet your individual needs. Stop in today for bath accessories and to buy or rent wheelchairs and crutches.
Contact our pharmacy to shop our collection of diabetic shoes and orthopedic braces.